Victory Peak

The Victory Peak

The northernmost peak with a height of more than 7 thousand meters and the highest point in Kyrgyzstan is located on the Kokshal-Too ridge, between China and Kyrgyzstan. The peak was named in honor of the victory of the Soviet Union in World War II. The world-famous peak rises to the Zvyozdochka glacier, which forms a vertical sheer wall 3 km away. To conquer the peak of Pobeda, considerable physical training is required; it is almost impossible for a beginner to climb this peak. She is awarded 5-6 category of difficulty, depending on the mountain route. You can also climb the peak from China, but climbing from the Kyrgyz slopes will be a more exciting adventure. The mountain has a very wayward character: the temperature here can drop below -30 degrees Celsius. Snowstorms and even avalanches are not uncommon. The peak is shrouded in winds, which also becomes a test when passing through these places. Nevertheless, many climbers annually strive to go to Pobeda Peak. Previously, most of them were from Russia and the CIS countries, but now there are daredevils from different parts of the world. The peak was first conquered in 1938 by Soviet climbers. They were misinformed about the actual height of the mountain and were surprised that they climbed much higher than planned. The expedition to the summit can take up to 20-25 days, taking into account adverse weather conditions. But the view of the most beautiful panorama of the Tien Shan Mountains from the top makes you forget about all the difficulties of the path. Here you can fulfill your dream: touch the sky, the clouds. Victory Peak justifies its name, because climbing it is a real feat, a victory over oneself, the elements and one's own fears, which brings a feeling of great satisfaction.