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Kajy-Say Coast

Kajy-Say Entrance

The Kajy-Say Village

The settlement arose in 1947 in connection with the development of a brown coal deposit. An experimental electrical plant was built in the village. August 12, 2017 was the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Kaji-Sai. Located on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Kaji-Sai is the history of the Soviet nuclear project, it was with the extraction of uranium that the creation of the atomic bomb began. And the Kaji-Sai mine, laid down in the 1940s, began with prisoners mining uranium there. Many different specialists worked at the mine, but in addition to them, prisoners were also involved. According to the decree of the government of the Soviet Union at the beginning of 1947, one thousand prisoners were sent to work in Mining Administration No. 8, as this enterprise was called, in two batches of five hundred people. The operation of the mine lasted ten years, in 1958 the uranium production was completely closed due to low profitability. The lists of those who worked at the mine are not kept by the local administration, all archives on the nuclear project are classified and removed in 1958. Now the village of Kadzhi-say lives mainly due to tourism.