Ak-Say Valley

The Ak-Say Valley

Ak-Sai Valley lies at an altitude of 3 thousand meters above sea level. It is located in the north, in the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan. Here, the lowest temperature in the republic was recorded: -56.3 degrees Celsius. The maximum snow level that fell on the territory of the valley reached 80 cm. The Aksai Valley can rightly be called the coldest point of Kyrgyzstan. In the valley passes the Kyrgyz-Chinese border, so for her visit a special pass is required. Because of the weather conditions, the vegetation here is the low grass and rare shrubs, trees in the valley do not grow. The terrain consists of a steppe, sometimes covered with small, but very picturesque lakes and swamps. On a wide open space, clouds touch the ground near the horizon stretching line. The valley is framed by the ridges of At-Bashi and Kokshaal-Too. In the vicinity there are several summits, six-thousanders, attracting mountain climbers. Traces of human habitation of the Neolithic Age were found here. Moving along the valley is carried out mainly on off-road vehicles. Some desirous arrange a race in jeeps. Ak-Sai is loved by adherents of cycling tracks. In the valley there are pastures, where grazing of the local population takes place. In Ak-Sai live such representatives of the animal world as a ram Marco Polo, snow leopard, wolf, marmot, bear-burrow, ibex and a large number of birds. There are several hunting bases on the terrain. The fans of the trophies gather in the hunting season. In order to hunt in the local places, you need to get a license.