Suusamyr Valley

The Suusamyr Valley

The Suusamyr Valley is located on the road between Osh and Bishkek, Suusamyr is at the end of the large tunnel through Too-Ashuu Pass, at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level. The Valley is pleased with the wide grass-covered plains.\nSuusamyr herbs are especially juicy in summer, so many shepherds come here to eat cattle on summer pastures (Jailoos). Here on the roadside is sold delicious airan, honey, kumys and kurut. Some believe that it is in Suusamyr you can try the best kumys in the country.\nOn the eastern edge of the Valley of Suusamyr is located the same name village. In the Valley and in the village many yurt, where tourists can be accommodated, and in the surrounding mountains there are several popular tourist routes.