Shaar Waterfall

The Shaar Waterfall

Shaar Waterfall is the largest and most stunning waterfall in Central Asia and Central Tien-Shan, measuring about 300 meters in height. Located in the gorge of the Bash-Kaindy river, it can be easily seen from the Naryn-Torugart road that passes through At-Bashi. To reach the waterfall, visitors can either hike or ride a horse. The hike starts from the entrance of the gorge and takes about 12 km along the river, surrounded by fragrant firs, making it a natural fitotherapy location. The flora around the waterfall boasts more than 270 species of plants, including relics and endemics. Many of the plants are rare and unique and can only be found in a few areas of Kyrgyzstan. Visitors should note that from the village of Bash-Kaindy, it is about 20 km to the waterfall. However, the journey is worth it as the experience of seeing this majestic waterfall up close is truly unforgettable.