Naryn Reserve

The Naryn National Park

Naryn National Reserve is a beautiful conservation area located at the head of the Naryn river, covering the forest slopes of the Naryn-Too mountain range. Its total area is around 37,000 hectares. The main aim of the reserve is to preserve the unique coniferous forests and alpine meadows of this region. One of the most interesting features of the reserve is the Schrenk fir, a unique plant that grows here. You can also find the Tien-Shan subspecies of deer here, along with a diverse range of other wildlife such as arkhar, wolf, red deer, roe deer, and even the elusive snow leopard. If you're interested in ecotourism, a visit to the Museum of Nature located within the reserve is a must. Here, you can learn more about the flora and fauna of the reserve, as well as the efforts being made to protect this beautiful area.