Museum Mayluu Suu

The Mayluu-Suu Museum

24 June 2022 - On 16 June, the former uranium-mining town Mailuu-Suu in the Jalal-Abad province celebrated the opening of the Museum of the History of Mailuu-Suu and the Uranium Heritage of Kyrgyzstan. The museum provides a shared and interactive experience: everyone can share relevant historical materials, stories and memories in the recording booth. Anyone is also welcome to participate in open discussions on various topics, such as radiation safety and reclamation of uranium tailings. The museum is expected to develop the cultural tourism of the town. The museum opened under the Mailuu-Suu Development Forum, which promoted investment potential and stimulated socio-economic and environmental development of the town. Museum is located in the "House of Coulture" of Mayluu-Suu town.