The Kökömeren River

The Suusamyr and Western Karakol rivers, by the confluence of their waters, form another river called Kokomeren. It carries its waters south of the Suusamyr valley and flows into the Naryn River. Flowing through the Tien Shan, the river becomes more turbulent towards the middle of the way. At its source, Kokomeren has a rather calm course. The reservoir has gained popularity among fans of rafting. Extreme sports enthusiasts are trying to conquer a mountain river. Every year, tourists from different countries come to the river to get their dose of adrenaline. Rafting along the steep rapids of the reservoir, you can appreciate the splendor of the banks, overgrown with coniferous forest. Coastal scenery alternates rocky terrain, clay canyons and greenery. The river flows along the route and its beauties can be enjoyed directly from the cab of the car. For the emerald color of the water, Kokomeren is often called the green river. Photographers like to visit here, and often photographs of Kokomeren can be seen on foreign sites dedicated to photography. Trout, speck, osman and carp live in the river. The presence of these types of fish attracts fishermen here. The fish catch on Kokomeren is quite impressive: the ottoman averages about 3 kg in weight and 50 cm in length. Many fish directly from the shore, some prefer to use boats. You can spend time on Kokomeren actively and on quiet walks. The best time to relax on the Kokomeren River is the summer-autumn period. It is during this period that you can combine rafting, fishing and photo walks, getting the most out of your trip.