The Karkyra River

The Karkyra River originates on the eternal glaciers Kungei Ala-Too. It is a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and the Kazakh Republic. Along the banks of the river, the tract of the same name crashed. The area got its name from the cranes. These majestic birds make a halt here in early autumn and summer during seasonal flights. Translated from the Kyrgyz "karkyra" means crane. During this marvelous period, the crane cry fills the area, the birds gain strength to continue their journey. The territory is spread over 60,000 hectares. The green plain blooms, warmed in the rays of the sun, and from the west it pulls its peaks to the sky Kungei Ala-Too. The tract begins with a small gorge and smoothly passes into the valley. In the valley you can observe the contrast of green and blue colors - it is in the horizon that the lines of emerald grass and the azure sky touch. In ancient times, the route of the caravans of the Great Silk Road lay through the tract, and the famous Karkara fair took place. Nowadays, cattle grazing often takes place here. The waters of the Karkyra River irrigate the fields of the Issyk-Kul region. In the 80s of the last century, a bridge was laid across the river, and a small point was built on the right bank for the acclimatization of Kazakh climbers. Soon the camp of climbers Char-Kuduk was opened from the Kyrgyz side. The area is rich in medicinal plants. Honey produced by local beekeepers is highly valued and has a unique aroma. There are many ways to spend your leisure time in this picturesque place: from horseback riding and fishing to rafting.