Karakol Gorge

The Karakol Gorge

Karakol Gorge: A Must-See Destination for Nature Lovers Just 5 km south of the town of Karakol lies the stunning Karakol Gorge. This natural wonder stretches for 40 km and is nestled against the Terskey Ala-Too mountain range. During the summer months, a mountaineering camp is set up at the top of the gorge. Climbers flock to the area to scale the peaks, including popular ones like Djigit Peak (5130 m), Karakol Peak (5281 m), and Przewalski Peak (4283 m). As you ascend the slopes of Karakol Gorge, you'll pass through lush vegetation including buckthorn, barberry, briar, and wildflowers. The flora changes to spruce and juniper forests as you gain altitude, eventually giving way to breathtaking subalpine and alpine landscapes. The wildlife in the gorge is equally impressive. Keep an eye out for mountain goats, deer, lynx, wild boar, snow leopards, wolves, bears, and eagles. Make sure to visit some of the many beautiful sights in the highlands, such as glacial moraine lakes, waterfalls, and the stunning Lake Ala-Kul, which sits at an elevation of 3532 m above sea level. For nature lovers, Karakol Gorge is an absolute must-see destination.