Kara-Bulak Gorge

The Kara-Bulak Gorge

If you are a tourist driving along the Tatyr road to the Chunkurchak gorge near Bishkek, don't miss out on the stunning Kara-Bulak gorge. Even though it requires a steep climb with sharp turns, the gorge is worth a visit. Located in the Kyrgyz Ala-Too ridge, it is only 27 km from the capital. The landscape is breathtaking, with colorful rocks and green hills, a beautiful waterfall, and several springs and streams. You can take a leisurely walk or go on a horse ride to enjoy the panoramic view of the Chui Valley and the city of Bishkek. The Tien Shan Mountains, with their snow-capped peaks, provide a stunning backdrop to the beauty of nature. The Kara-Bulak resort, situated in the gorge, offers visitors a chance to taste the local cuisine, spend the night, relax in a sauna, and enjoy other activities. Don't miss out on this amazing tourist treasure in Kyrgyzstan!