Jalgyz Karagay

The Jalgyz-Karagay Pass

On the way to Son-Kol Lake, you can see many beautiful places. One of the roads to the lake passes through the Zhalgyz-Karagay pass. The pass is located at an altitude of 3437 meters above sea level. Crossing it can take from half an hour to an hour, depending on physical fitness and weather conditions. The track through Zhalgyz-Karagai can be called medium-difficult. Even from the middle of the pass, the azure of Lake Son-Kol appears to the eye, at first in the form of a small blue segment, increasing as you descend. And as a result, a picturesque panoramic view of the surrounding landscape opens up. Near the pass there is a green pasture with fragrant grass and a valley with yurts, where you can taste koumiss, a national drink made from mare's milk, famous for its beneficial properties. The valley is called Kelimche. Another mountain lake, Tuz-Ashuu, also rustles nearby with its waves.