Elm Grove

The Elm Grove Park

In 1881, the famous gardener from Petersburg Alexei Fetisov and his students created the park. It was they who first planted most of the trees that still grow in this huge park. Only two centuries ago there was a dry steppe on the site of modern Bishkek. Forests grew only along the banks of the rivers, the territory now occupied by the city was crossed by more than a dozen narrow streams. Fetisov raised the elm grove on reed beds from Tashkentskaya Street to the Chu River on the border with Kazakhstan. It was solid thickets, reeds and shrubs. After the Great Patriotic War, the park was expanded and became one of the favorite places for recreation of the city residents. The park is still an oasis in Bishkek and the pride of the Sverdlovsk district. More than 50 species of trees grow in the grove on an area of ​​143 hectares, including birch, oak, maple, poplar, thuja, bird cherry bushes and others.