Big Ala-Archa Glacier

The Big Ala-Archa Glacier

The Big Ala-Archa Glacier is a unique place that allows climbers and lovers of mountain tourism to do what they love without leaving for remote regions of Kyrgyzstan. Located just 50 km from the capital Bishkek, this area attracts adepts of outdoor activities 365 days a year. The glacier is located on the territory of the Ala-Archa National Park, which can be reached by a regular minibus from Bishkek. Climbing the glacier itself from the alpine camp takes a whole day if you start it in the morning, but if you come to these places in the middle or end of summer, you can find an abundance of strawberries and other herbs along the way. Already at the very glacier there is an old ski base, built back in the days of the Soviet Union. It offers free accommodation, beds and blankets. The glacier itself and the surrounding slopes are located at an altitude of just over 3500 meters, and in these places there is knee-deep snow even in summer, snowboarders, skiers and just snow hunters often come here.