Besh Aral National Reserve

The Besh-Aral National Park

Besh-Aral State Reserve is a nature reserve located in the southwest part of Chatkal valley, surrounded by Pskem, Chandalash, Talas and Chatkal mountain ranges, at altitudes ranging from 1100 to 4000 meters. The reserve covers an area of over 1120 square kilometers and can be accessed through the Kara-Buura pass on Talas Ala-Too range and Chapchama pass on Chatkal Ridge. The reserve is home to over 1500 species of plants, with 30 of them included in the Red Book, and numerous medicinal herbs. It is also the habitat of 46 species of mammals and 150 species of birds. Among the wildlife found in the reserve are wild boars, goats, rabbits, wolves, foxes, bears, martens, porcupines, red marmots, and the Mensbir marmot, which is an especially important animal-endemic of the Western Tien Shan and is listed in the Red Book. The Chatkal River, one of the largest rivers in the country with a total length of 144 km, flows through the valley of the reserve. Besh-Aral State Reserve is a unique destination for nature lovers and those seeking an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan