Barskoon Waterfall

The Barskoon Waterfall

One of the most beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan, the Barskoon Gorge is located on the southern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul, 90 km from the capital of the Issyk-Kul region, the city of Karakol. In the gorge, 10 km long, you can admire the waterfalls "Bowl of Minas" (height - 15 m), "Champagne Splashes" and others. But the most famous is the Leopard's Tears waterfall: its stream falls from a 100-meter height, so there is always noise next to it (in winter, the "Leopard's Tears" freeze, turning into a huge ice sculpture). The waterfall "Bowl of Manas" according to legend, was formed after Manas scooped up water with his hand, and from this a bowl remained in the rock.