Barskoon Gorge

The Barskoon Gorge

The Barskoon Gorge is one of the most beautiful Gorges on the southern shore of Issyk Kul, famous for its high waterfalls and thick fir forests. It is here the largest gold mine of Kyrgyzstan — \"Kumtor\". Here at the time there was the first man flying into space — Yuriy Gagarin.\nThe length of the Barskoon gorge is about 30 kilometers. It stretches deep into the mountains of Teskey Ala-too, reaching the high mountain plateau Arabel, which is separated from the gorge of cascade of passages. The height of the passages in the gorge of the Barskoon is very large and reaches 4000 meters. The gorge passes the road of good quality and it can be easily moved almost by any car, as well as on a motorcycle.\nBarskoon is very attractive for tourists both their natural beauty and cultural attractions. Cascade of waterfalls among which the tears of bars, the Cup of Manas, the spray of champagne and the aksakal's beard are favorite places to visit tourists. Among cultural attractions it is necessary to note the ancient bet of Tagai-Biy, or as it is called Muhammad-Kyrgyz, one of the founders of the Kyrgyz statehood, which was located in the gorge of Barskoon. Famous Barskoon and monuments Yuriy Gagarin, who was in these places and in the gorge. Contrary to common opinion, cosmonaut himself was only a passage in these places, not rest regularly.

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Barskoon Waterfall


Sary-Moinok Pass